“… in connection with a major remodeling project of our Bank Building completed just a year ago.

The project consisted of demolishing part of the first floor banking quarters and the entire interior of the second floor which was leased to tenants. Then both the first and second floor were rebuilt for banking, with complete new plumbing on the first and second floor, and all new electrical work in the entire building, HVAC for the second floor, a new roof and acid cleaning of the masonry exterior. All while conducting business.

The construction part cost slightly more than $1.1 million and complete new furnishings for both floors had a budget of approximately $600,000.

The design work was given to Paul Crisafulli because he had a reputation of being patient and because of his experience in bank work. I must compliment Paul on the amount of attention that he gave to even the smallest detail during our planning stages. As a result, when construction began everything went smoothly from the demolition to the finish work without any inconveniences to either our employees or our customers.

The finished project came out better than we had hoped it would. The colors in the wallpaper, the carpets, the upholstery and the painted wood work all compliment each other perfectly. Even retaining the original colonial design.

Just the other day a customer stood in our lobby and said “if they give stars to banks for looking nice, yours should get five,” because she was so pleased with the pleasant surroundings.

I feel I can recommend Paul Crisafulli without reservation for any kind of bank project.”


— Bank President

Now that I have received my occupancy permit and have had a few weeks in my new home I wanted to take the time to say thank you to you.

This project became more involved than I had originally anticipated, but I am so glad that it did. Your drawings and advice as well as your preparation of the bid specifications were invaluable in the process of converting my summer cottage into my retirement home (some day).

I never would have thought to include all the details in the specifications a year and a half ago. They would have only occurred to me during the construction phase of the process, and items would have been added on as I went. It was so nice to pull out the construction outline that you prepared in my discussions with the contractor as to what should be done along the way. He bid the job based on your construction outline so there were no cost overruns to me at the end, and I have what I wanted.

It has been a pleasure throughout this process to know that I could call you at any time to run anything past you and you were always a wealth of knowledge in many areas, and never made me feel that I was imposing on you.

… Thanks again for everything, and I would highly recommend you to anyone or would look forward to working with you again in the future if a project were to arise.

Thank you.

— Resident of Sterling, MA

Paul Crisafulli did design and supervise the renovation of our Main Office Complex, including furniture and all interior decorating, the total cost being approximately $2 million.

This bank again engaged Paul Crisafulli to remodel and decorate our Fall River Main Office with an estimated cost of over $500,000.

We are very pleased with his work and performance as evidenced by our continued relationship and would recommend him to other financial institutions or businesses.

— Bank Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

… I cannot remember how we were fortunate enough to find Paul Crisafulli; perhaps it was through the phone book. At our first meeting we quickly realized that were were in good hands when he encouraged us to think long and hard about whether selling the house and buying a larger one would be a better choice, even though this option would cost him our business. After much consideration we decided to stay put, and we retained Paul for his architectural design services.

The first part of the process was to figure out what features we really wanted, and Paul’s guidance was indispensable. He took our vague concepts and converted them into a design that not only suited our needs, but also enhanced the beauty of our house. We were so pleased and comfortable with Paul by this time that we put him in charge of overseeing the work done by our contractor, and in this capacity he found several serious construction errors and made sure that they were corrected. We have lived with his design now for 17 years, and we are just as thrilled with it now as we were when it was first built.

This year when my son decided to build an addition to his own house, I recommended that he talk to Paul. He walked Mark through the same process, developed a suitable and stylish plan, and even arranged a meeting with the local building inspector to make sure that all codes would be met. Construction is now in progress, and it is proceeding well.

If you are considering the services of Paul Crisafulli, I can recommend him without reservation, and that applies not only to his talents, but also to his professionalism.


— A Resident of Mendon, MA

I am sending you this letter to thank you for your past outstanding performances in the supervision of the construction of new branch banks and the remodeling of other banks for us.

Paul, your charges were fair, the workmanship excellent and your schedule was completed on time.

I would recommend your company highly to anyone seeking such services

— Bank President and Executive Officer

… Believe it or not, this month marks the eighth year that we’ve lived in our “new” house. Reminiscing about the process of building it conjured up images of sitting down with you in the kitchen of our first home, brimming with ideas that we had hoped you would be able to translate to a set of blueprints. With three children, a foster child and an elderly parent who was planning to move in with us, we needed more space than our three-bedroom split-level offered but had limited financial resources to buy another home. We searched the town, looking at houses on the market and talking to builders with spec homes but were unable to find a home that we felt suited us. That led us to seek out your services.

We shared our ideas about the layout and style of our dream home. We wanted a very practical floor plan with no wasted space. … We wanted a very open floor plan on the first floor for entertaining and ample-sized bedrooms/closets upstairs. We did not want many of the extras that the builders were boasting such as a two-story foyer and an elaborate master bedroom. After that meeting, you gave us an estimate for your services. Within weeks you had drawn up plans that we then presented to a builder who was able to give us a set price. We were then able to make an educated decision about building and the builder was then committed to build the home as specified. (Plus, we had no need to make costly changes while building because the kinks had all been worked out at the design stage.)

Fast forward eight years. This house has served us incredibly well. Our children are now 18, 16, and 13. … Your suggestions (especially regarding the mud room/side entry and the skylights in the upstairs bathrooms for natural light) were excellent. You listened to our needs and ideas, incorporating them into a layout that fits our casual lifestyle and accommodates our frequent gatherings, all the while staying within our budget. Your very reasonable fee was a small price to pay for a lifetime of comfort and enjoyment. We would highly recommend you to anyone who is contemplating building a custom home.

— A Medway Family

It is with pleasure that I recommend Paul Crisafulli & Associates, Inc. Paul has had a long relationship with our Bank and has completed several projects involving our main office and branches. We have found him to be attentive to our project requirements and concerned about our employees and customer activities. He is responsive and thorough in performing his tasks and is always conscious of our budget requirements.

— Bank President