“… in connection with a major remodeling project of our Bank Building completed just a year ago.

The project consisted of demolishing part of the first floor banking quarters and the entire interior of the second floor which was leased to tenants. Then both the first and second floor were rebuilt for banking, with complete new plumbing on the first and second floor, and all new electrical work in the entire building, HVAC for the second floor, a new roof and acid cleaning of the masonry exterior. All while conducting business.

The construction part cost slightly more than $1.1 million and complete new furnishings for both floors had a budget of approximately $600,000.

The design work was given to Paul Crisafulli because he had a reputation of being patient and because of his experience in bank work. I must compliment Paul on the amount of attention that he gave to even the smallest detail during our planning stages. As a result, when construction began everything went smoothly from the demolition to the finish work without any inconveniences to either our employees or our customers.

The finished project came out better than we had hoped it would. The colors in the wallpaper, the carpets, the upholstery and the painted wood work all compliment each other perfectly. Even retaining the original colonial design.

Just the other day a customer stood in our lobby and said “if they give stars to banks for looking nice, yours should get five,” because she was so pleased with the pleasant surroundings.

I feel I can recommend Paul Crisafulli without reservation for any kind of bank project.”


— Bank President