We provide an initial consultation which includes inspecting the existing conditions, a set of optional ideas and suggestions, and an initial approximation of construction costs. Let us know your address, contact information, and what you’re thinking of doing, and we will provide you with information on the cost for a consultation visit.

First, we listen to what you want, then we can show you an assortment of similar projects and gather a sense of your likes and preferences. Based on that information, we develop preliminary sketches of plans and elevations and submit these for your comments and feedback before going further.

Ballpark or Professional Estimates
Years of project experience give us the expertise to provide you with on-the-spot approximations of construction costs from your initial project descriptions, and actual estimates after completing the design sketches and a detailed construction outline.

Project Management
Overseeing and monitoring the overall project is key to its success, and we provide this service to ensure that the entire project goes smoothly, according to the agreed documentation, and keeps to the schedule. Project Management entails managing the entire project from the following steps: The Initial Sales Meeting where we inspect the premises and listen to your needs and make our recommendations, followed by the Proposal Agreement outlining the services we will provide. Next comes the development of the Schematic Design Drawings followed by a Construction Outline identifying all phases on the project, from materials to be used, a description of the proposed work, contractual agreements, start and finish time on the project, contractor / owner request for payment schedules, warranty periods, contract negotiations, recommendations to manufacturers such as cabinet makers, appliances, finish materials suppliers and installers — and our personal recommendations as to which of these our experience has proven to be the most cost effective and professional sources.

Construction Drawings
These are developed after preliminary drawings, the construction outline, and preliminary construction cost bids have been approved by you. Construction drawings provide to both you and the contractors all the necessary information to obtain a building permit and a quality construction project.

Interior Design and/or Elevations
These optional services can be provided to you from our select list of consultants who have proven themselves to us.

Contract Agreement Packages and Negotiations
We develop recognized AIA construction contracts that include all of the necessary documents, and we negotiate with you and the building contractors to realize the project.

Construction Management
As the project is underway, the construction outline and plans must be followed to the letter to ensure that there are no costly omissions, misunderstandings, or delays. Years of experience make it possible for us to oversee construction and identify any issues that may arise during the process. We know what we’re looking at when we compare a plan to a construction site, and you can depend on our expertise in this area. Construction Management entails viewing the construction as it progresses: Making sure it develops as shown on our drawings and as explained in our Construction Outline, and reviewing situations such as unforeseen conditions encountered upon excavation or when opening up covered areas in existing structures.

Architectural Services . . . Personalized

Creating the best possible environment in which you work and live demands more than just good design. It involves a range of steps as sophisticated as they are numerous: Site inspections and recommendations, precise budgeting, space planning, land and building development, interior design, and more. But often, to fully benefit from comprehensive design services, you have but two options: to juggle the services of many small companies, or to employ one large company and endure its even larger fees.

Not so with Personalized Creative Additions! We provide YOU with the same spectrum of services offered by larger companies — but with the personal attention and economical advantages you would expect from smaller firms.

What’s more, you can get any combination of these services on a consultant, bid percentage fee, design/build, or turnkey basis. Regardless of the approach, we never lose site of your needs. One-on-one service and custom-designed environments are the hallmarks of our firm.

If you have an upcoming residential project outside of Massachusetts or a long distance away, we provide a handy, useful Residential Project Questionnaire which you are welcome to download, print, and fill out.