Company Profile

Personalized Creative Additions has provided architectural services including design, estimates, and project management for more than 30 years. We are not architects or engineers, but rather design specialists who see you through the entire process from concept to completion.

One-on-one custom-designed additions are the hallmark of our service. We will consult with you to discover the way you live. Then we shape and adapt special designs to meet those requirements. We never lose sight of your needs and budget goals. In turn, we can establish the most cost-efficient and time-effective manner in which to meet those needs.

From the initial stages of concept development and financial consultation to finished interiors and exteriors of a completed project, we’re your one access path to every step of the development and design process. Once you have identified the need to build, add on, or remodel, we can provide the services necessary to bring the project to completion.

What You Can Expect from us

Initial design meetings

with YOU to plan every detail of your project. We finalize the design prior to the construction documents.

Precise construction documents

will communicate your design to the contractor and sub contractors.

Personalized Creative Additions

will guide and facilitate the construction process to completion of your project.

Regular visits to the construction site

to clarify any issues with the contractor and to insure compliance with YOUR construction program.